[Mono-list] Debugging problem

Martin Baulig martin@gnome.org
18 Oct 2002 10:42:09 +0200

George Kodinov <gkodinov@openlinksw.co.uk> writes:

> Does the source level debugging of managed code work w/ the CVS version of Mono ?


source level debugging support has been removed from the JIT and is no longer supported.
The old source level debugging code was broken, the code was one big mess and it was too
much of a headache for me to maintain it.

We're currently working on a graphical debugger for GNU/Linux on the i386, you can find it
in the `debugger' module.  This debugger will be able to do source level debugging of
managed (and unmanaged) code.

I wanted to make a first public release this week, but I need to catch an airplane in a
bit more than 24 hours and will be gone for the next three weeks, so that I've only a few
hours left to hack on the debugger.  I'll try to write as much documentation and fix as
much bugs as possible in this time; Miguel will probably make the release next week or so
(we also need another mono and gtk# release first).

Martin Baulig