[Mono-list] Static CIL Libraries

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
17 Oct 2002 18:56:30 -0400


> Can mono/mcs create and use static CIL libraries?
> If so, how do you create the static CIL libraries?
> How do you link these static CIL libraries with something you are bulding?
> What about Microsoft .NET, Rotor, or Portable.Net?
> If not, can we persuade the Mono team, the Microsoft .NET team, the Rotor
> team, the Portable.Net team, the ECMA standards people, and others to
> include standard static CIL libraries support in their C# compiler and CLR
> runtime?

The question really is what do you mean by a static CIL library.  

In the Unix world you have two kinds of libraries: static and dynamic. 
The difference being that the dynamic libraries contain code that can
cope with  position-independent layout of the code and can be loaded at
different addresses, hence allowing dynamically linked executables to

So the concept does not really apply to .NET, as there is no machine
code in the actual assembly, so the assembly is always relocatable.

Maybe you are thinking of some kind of support to *embed* a library into
an executable.   If you are looking at that, you should be thinking in
terms of assemblies.