[Mono-list] Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server database support in Mono ADO.NET

Gaurav Vaish gaurav.vaish@amsoft.net
Thu, 17 Oct 2002 15:36:02 +0530

> Has anyone tried using the Java to C# converter from Microsoft?

    Are you talking about Jump?
    Who cares? I don't wanna pay for that.

> After I run the converter it generates complete C# code from Java files
> with a list of items that could not be converted. The amount of effort
> required to port from Java to C# may be reduced this way.

    Surely enough - the time to port would be reduced. But here are a few

    * It will be more or less equivalent to deassembling the java code. Does
the license provide for that?
    * If the code is available, what license does it belong to? If it's
something like X11 / MIT License, ooh.. let's directly port it. No need to
worry about Jump.

(Oh damn, I forgot some more points. The office is keeping me busy. Will
write them as soon as I recall. ;-))

> Just a thought! :)

Happy hacking,
> Akhilesh Agarwal