[Mono-list] ODBC.NET Provider on Windows

Rodrigo Moya rodrigo@ximian.com
12 Oct 2002 13:55:17 +0200

On Sat, 2002-10-12 at 07:57, Brian Ritchie wrote:
> Great news!!
> I'm "power-leveling" the odbc code...
> - I've jacked in the transaction objects
> - I'm straightening out all of the SQL data type mappings.
> - DBNull works
> - I've implemented the Cancel method
> Do we have a #define to force conditional compilation on Linux/Windows?  I'd 
> like to setup the libodbc to point at odbc32 on windows.  Or is there a 
> better way?
I think using a config entry for mapping the library names is the
correct way. Other people will tell you for sure.

> I'll be checking this stuff in this weekend.
cool! Thanks a lot for your work

Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo@ximian.com>