[Mono-list] Re: GetSchemaTable() in OdbcDataReader

Brian Ritchie brianlritchie@hotmail.com
Fri, 11 Oct 2002 09:49:17 -0400


Sounds great.  There is already some code in there to fill an array of
DataColumn objects with the fields.  That should be a good start for the
GetSchemaTable() method.

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Subject: GetSchemaTable() in OdbcDataReader

> Brian
> Have you started or plan to start implementing the method GetSchemaTable()
> in System.Data.Odbc class OdbcDataReader?
> If not, I would like to do an initial implementation of GetSchemaTable()
> Odbc.  I have done the GetSchemaTable() implementation for the PostgreSQL
> provider in System.Data.SqlClient with the help of Tim Coleman.  I am
> working on the GetSchemaTable() implementation for Mono.Data.MySql now.
> Rodrigo Moya said it was okay that I can do the implementation of
> GetShemaTable() for System.Data.OleDb too.
> Is it okay if I do an initial implementation of GetSchemaTable() in
> System.Data.Odbc as well?
> Daniel