[Mono-list] Contributing to Mono: Unit Tests

Nick Drochak ndrochak@gol.com
Wed, 9 Oct 2002 01:25:28 +0900


If you want to help out with the unit tests on Linux, but have been
reluctant because of the need for a Windows box, your time has come.

Actually the time came a while ago, but I never really noticed it and
probably others missed it as well.  Thanks to the fine efforts of the
build-meisters (especially Gonzalo) we can build and run the unit tests
all on Linux. Of course you need a working mono installed on your
system, but that's another well tread topic...

For those who would like to try it yourself, in the mcs directory from
cvs do:
make -f makefile.gnu
make -f makefile.gnu test

It's only running the tests for corlib right now, but there's plenty of
errors and failures to work on there to keep us busy.  Plus, it's
probably a simple matter to copy-paste some makefile magic and get more
tests to run if you like.

In any case, please give it a try and if you need any help with this or
fixing/making more unit tests, please post your questions here to the

Go mono!
Nick D.