[Mono-list] About the Home page

YNOP ynop@beunited.org
Mon, 07 Oct 2002 02:55:34 Local time zone must be set--see zic manual page

I have heard about mono a few times.. and finaly decided to drop by the 
web site (go-mono.com) ... well .. its nice and all .. however none of 
the web links on the side work.

this is seemingly do to the fact that my web browser is a little more 
picky than some.  And the fact that your page has some incorrect HTML 
in it:

<a class="navi0"HREF="contact.html">Contact</A>

A missing space between the "navi0" and the HREF causes the HREF to 
never get parsed out of the a tag, bummer, thus makeing the entire 
"navi0"HREF="contact.html"  the actuall value of class.  Which does't 
do much under my browser :P

Well, hope you guys fix this.  It seems to be a 'super' common mistake 
that people are makeing now days. Or it could be that someone is usieng 
one of those HTML editor thngys to do the work for them :(

Either way, hope to see the update and you guys are doing some good 

See ya

PS, the web browser is Net+  under BeOS :) would try it under something 
else but i don't own any other OS on any of my 5 boxes :P

i wish they could see us now in leather bras and rubber shorts 
like some ridiculous team uniform for some ridiculous new sport 
quick someone call the girl police and file a report 
          -Ani DiFranco