[Mono-list] Introduction

Sebastien Pouliot Sebastien Pouliot <spouliot@videotron.ca>
Sat, 05 Oct 2002 11:45:18 -0400

> Welcome to mono! :-)

Thanks a lot!

> There's implementation of DES, MD5, Rijndael, SHA, Base64 and I've just
> done RC2, although I won't commit it until I've tested it under cygwin

Most of the encryption algorithms will need some modificaton to work with
CryptoConfig (which I posted yesterday but still haven't seen it on the
list). I will send you the required modifications (related to the 2 static
Create methods).

> on Monday. There's nothing done for TripleDES, DSA or RSA yet, although
> someone posted a link a month or so ago to a 'largenum' C# library which
> might be useful.  There's some code to get hold of a decent system
> random number generator, although I don't know if that is wired up at
> all. It would be nice to factor out code to do the various feedback
> modes, rather than having seperate version in each block cipher.  It
> would make it a lot faster to implement all of the modes too!

I was the one posting the link to the BigNum. However I didn't have much
news abut the author. I think that Miguel talked to him (or at least tried
to). These classes would bea great benefit to Mono.

> Andrew

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