[Mono-list] mono bug?: VolumeSeparatorChar (System.IO.Path)

Martin Aliger martin_aliger@email.cz
Fri, 4 Oct 2002 17:55:16 +0200 (CEST)

Hi all,

this one is pretty serious [and little tricky]. Consider this example:
using System;
using System.IO;

class PathTest
	static public void Main()

What it could write? I hope "False/True/False". It looks logical as well.

BUT now it returns "False/True/True" ! Problem is digged in VolumeSeparatorChar, which is '/' on Linux. IsPathRooted uses this condition:
                        char c = path [0];
                        return (c == DirectorySeparatorChar     ||
                                c == AltDirectorySeparatorChar  ||
                                (path.Length > 1 && path [1] == VolumeSeparatorChar));

and both path.Length>1 and path[1]='/' is true.

Real problem is, that I do not know what MS guys means by setting VolumeSep to '/' on Unixes (as docs says). It makes no sense to me... What about relative paths as "a/b/c/d.exe" ? Full path could be e.g. "/home/alik/mono/a/b/c/d.exe" and everything is ok... I was about to report fix to this as change VolumeSepChar to '\0' (in runtime) but than read MS docs...

Any idea?

BTW: Is corlib/Linux/Linux.cs file is meaningful? At least there defined VolumeSepChar is not... [should be removed to increase cleanliness]

BTW2: in Path.Combine current implementation the condition "
                        bool b2 = path2 [0] == DirectorySeparatorChar ||
                                  path2 [0] == AltDirectorySeparatorChar;
" is always true (checked before with IsPathRooted)

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