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Tom Reilly treilly@macromedia.com
Thu, 3 Oct 2002 15:03:42 -0400

The nice thing about the future is that it hasn't happened yet,
I imagine Mono could make developers not have to worry about
dependency issues if enough people wanted it to.

It would be nice if you could build an application with mono, package
it in some form that expresses its dependencies (but doesn't include them)
and have the runtime system handle downloading the right version of the dependencies 
if they aren't already present on the host system.  Or you could package
your app in a wrapper that handled the dependency checking/downloading,
which would be nice because it would run on MS's .Net and it could
be completely separate from Mono.  Such a system would make it such
that the Mono libraries wouldn't have to be of the kitchen sink variety
and neither would your application.

.Net assemblies have a lot of features that could make such a system
robust.  IBM's sash platform has something akin to this:


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> Hello,
> > I have a question and I haven't seen it come up previously. 
>  One thing that 
> > has been stated in the past is that part of the rationale 
> for creating Mono 
> > was that it would make it easier for the developer and end 
> user as they 
> > won't have to worry about dependency issues.  How can this 
> be true?  From 
> I wonder where we said that and in which context.
> If you do not want to worry about this, wait until Mono is 
> packaged for
> you and installed as part of your Linux distribution.  It is not ready
> to be used by casual users yet.
> Miguel
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