[Mono-list] Quick Question...

Zaphod j0k3rin@yahoo.co.in
Thu, 3 Oct 2002 19:55:32 +0530

On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 12:01:46PM +0200, Guenther Roith wrote:
> Now, the benefit of solving dependency issues was really not the biggest
> reason for creating mono, but still the feature exists. It doesn't mean,
> that if you call native libs, they can exist in various versions, but if you
> write your application in "managed code"/IL , mono can handle different
> versions of that code, by using the "Global Assesmbly Cache".
> So, the conclusion is, if you write in C#, your program won't have that
> problems or cause them, the mono class lib/runtime, theoretically still has
> them.

Hmm... after that , I still can't understand why mono is yet another
dependency hellhole ... I've tried compiling gcc before and understand
bootstrapping , but this is insane !!! .. 

||Your mono runtime and corlib are out of sync.
||When you update one from cvs you need to update, compile and install
||the other too.
||Do not report this as a bug unless you're sure you have updated
||you probably have a broken mono install.
||If you see other errors or faults after this message they are probably
||and you need to fix your mono install first.

I've tried DotGNU and found that CVS compiled out of the box , can I 
use that to compile mcs Or is there a vendor conflict there as well ?