[Mono-list] Qt# 0.5 has been released

Adam Treat manyoso@yahoo.com
Thu, 3 Oct 2002 12:30:40 -0400

October 3rd, 2002

Qt# 0.5 - A cross-platform GUI toolkit for Mono and Portable.Net, has been

Download for source, binaries, tutorials and documentation:


Information and screenshots:


Debian apt source:

deb http://qtcsharp.sourceforge.net/debian unstable release

Changes since 0.4

*  Changed distribution name from `qtcsharp' to `qtsharp' (all)

*  API now uses PascalCase which is the default code style of the ECMA 
specifications (adam)

*  Overhaul of the signal/slot implementation including signal <--> signal 
connections. (nick)

*  Full event handling support (nick/adam)

*  A C# parser for the Qt header files replacing the kalyptus script and 
making way for the QtC replacement (marcus)

*  Preliminary RAD support with uicsharp and QWidgetFactory (joseph/marcus)

*  Better memory management with the use of Weak References in our object 
tracker (all)

*  Monodoc: Mono's GUI documentation editor written in Qt# (adam/john)

*  Support for C# signals (nick)

*  Updates of QtC including better support for QSizePolicy (marcus)

*  Support for more Qt/C++ signal/slot prototypes (nick)

*  Object tracking via Qt signals and runtime debugging support '--qts-help' 

*  Patches to compile and run on Rotor/FreeBSD (alexander)

*  Scribblewindow is now double buffered and has a color menu (marcus)

*  Numerous bug fixes and small enhancements (all)

Qt# developers: Adam Treat, Marcus Urban, Nick Zigarovich, Joseph Wenninger, 
John Sohn, Alexander Pigolkine