[Mono-list] VB.NET and C# differences in compiling

Marco Parenzan marco.parenzan@libero.it
Tue, 1 Oct 2002 07:45:48 +0200

Well, for my own job, I'll need to work on compiler...but...
Two things:
- No...I don't know yacc/jay....I need to study it...
- Miguel said in one message that the approach to copy mcs AST is not a good
idea. What about that?

I think that I can work on Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace...so you can work
on compiler.

If for you is ok.....give me a status..and a priority plan on development of
Microsoft.VisualBasic you need....


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> >Just one question: Miguel said that MonoBasic seems not to be a priority.
> >But I'm very interested. I'd like to work on a VB compiler.
> >
> >Can I help in any way?
> Welcome aboard, Marco
> I think that the people that was helping me implement
> is gone, could you tackle that or prefer to work directly in the compiler?
> In the compiler, I was delayed by my perfeccionism in making
> the new option supplier for mbas' driver. It's usable now (just response
> file support is really missing on Mono.GetOptions).
> My strategy is to follow mcs lead on generating the AST. So I look into
> jay file and adapt it to mbas syntax. Do you know yacc/jay?
> Down the pipe we will need to parametize the symbol resolver to accomodate
> VB.NET case-insensitive syntax. And plug a different overload resolver
> overload criteria is different between the languages).
> Late binding also needs work but most of it are calls to functions like:
> Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.LateBinding::LateCall
> So we get back to that supporting DLL...
> Thanks in advance for any help
> Rafael Teixeira
> Brazilian Polymath
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