[Mono-list] Mono as a Server Platform

Chris J. Breisch cjbreisch@altavista.net
Thu, 30 May 2002 10:37:09 -0500

I believe those System.Reflection.* items are first because they are all
attributes and the attributes are listed first in the lists you're
looking at.


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In fact, I am little confused by the Class status page on mono web site.
For every class portion(e.g. System.Data, System.XML),
System.Reflection.* is always listed there, I don't know why place them
before it.

I think it's more pratical to take mono as a Linux Server Platform, then
try to expand it to desktop. I have heard several companies that want to
use mono as its server side platform, and take Windows .NET as client
side platform(for C/S application).

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> On Thu, 2002-05-30 at 07:21, code wrote:
> > Hi, all,
> > 
> > Could anyone tell me how far mono is to be a server 
> platform? It need 
> > not to have GUI, but database support, network, remoting services, 
> > XML, and other stuff required by a server platform. I don't 
> know if I 
> > could use it now, or have to wait for several month, or a year?
> > 
> database support is almost there
> cheers

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