[Mono-list] Mono as a Server Platform

Daniel Morgan danmorg@sc.rr.com
Thu, 30 May 2002 11:10:10 -0400

The class status page is separated by assemblies.  It does not have .dll
attached to it.


If you click System.Data.dll,
you will see System.Data, System.Data.Common, ..., and System.Xml.
These are the namespaces in that assembly,  If you click on one of
these, you will have the classes within that namespace within that
assembly.  For instance, if you click on System.Data.SqlClient
namespace, and then you click on SqlConnection, you will have clicked on
the class SqlConnection which is in the namespace System.Data.SqlClient
which is in the System.Data.dll assembly.

However, I think System.Forms.Windows (whatever the assembly is) is
An up to date status page on GTK# would be nice.

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In fact, I am little confused by the Class status page on mono web site.
For every class portion(e.g. System.Data, System.XML),
System.Reflection.* is always listed there, I don't know why place them
before it.

I think it's more pratical to take mono as a Linux Server Platform, then
try to expand it to desktop. I have heard several companies that want to
use mono as its server side platform, and take Windows .NET as client
side platform(for C/S application).

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> > Hi, all,
> > 
> > Could anyone tell me how far mono is to be a server 
> platform? It need 
> > not to have GUI, but database support, network, remoting services, 
> > XML, and other stuff required by a server platform. I don't 
> know if I 
> > could use it now, or have to wait for several month, or a year?
> > 
> database support is almost there
> cheers

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