[Mono-list] Reply: How about System.Messaging?

A Rafael D Teixeira rafaelteixeirabr@hotmail.com
Tue, 28 May 2002 16:38:22 -0300

>From: "Stijn \"Adhemar\" Vandamme" <spvdamme@vtk2.rug.ac.be>
>>At the moment the messaging guys seem to be quite happy with their
>>proprietary protocols, enjoying the benefits of locking people into
>>their platform.

>How about Jabber?
>Or am I missing the point and is that something completely different?
>- Adhemar
From documentation

"The System.Messaging namespace provides classes that allow you to connect 
to, monitor, and administer message queues on the network and send, receive, 
or peek messages."

In short, MSMQ. Its not something like jabber (instant messaging), its 
asynchronous messaging through queues.

I think of implementing some daemon for doing it on Linux, and integrate 
into Mono (surely Ill write the daemon in C#/Mono).

But the real problem is that USEFULL queues do more than serialize messages, 
they are also translators (have you ever tried to send an XML file in UTF-8 
to a mainframe?). And, specially, they are platform bridges, making the very 
different latency/rate specs of big-iron and microcomputers somewhat marry 
(mainframes make you wait until they can process your request, and then send 
bytes blazing over your head, microcomputers normally does the reverse, they 
can serve almost in not time, but can accept/send some measly megabytes a 

The first item, can be addressed migrating IBM-enhanced xerces zillion- 
encodings support, from java to mono. Well do it, ASAP.

The second is hard just because, as someone said, wire protocols to speak 
(connect) with queues in mainframes and clustered servers are proprietary. 
For now, well be an island, but perhaps our open messaging server will 
prove itself successfull, and market will migrate to it, bringing in some 
"queue connectors"...

Happy hackings

Rafael Teixeira
Brazilian Developer

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