[Mono-list] How about System.Messaging?

Dan Lewis dihlewis@yahoo.co.uk
Tue, 28 May 2002 16:57:20 +0100 (BST)

I looked into this a while back. I have to warn you I have no real-world
experience of messaging applications - this is just what I concluded after a
brief look on the web, so feel free to jump in and tell me I'm talking crap.

In short there appear to be no open wire protocols for messaging. Even JMS only
defines an API. MSMQ 3 has support for SOAP-based messages, but as with
previous MSMQ incarnations there are no specifications for the format.

At the moment the messaging guys seem to be quite happy with their proprietary
protocols, enjoying the benefits of locking people into their platform.

It would certainly be an interesting exercise to write a System.Messaging
client and server/router in C# for use with Mono, perhaps using JBossMQ as a
guide to implementation. But interoperability with Windows platforms would be a
pain, as it would require a bridge.


On Tue, 2002-05-28 at 16:30, Matej Spiller wrote:
> Does there exists any messaging similar to MSMQ. Probably open source or
someting like that. There is of course java implementation, but mono would need
C++ or C (C# ???) MSMQ like library. 
> What I would prefer is to be compatible with MSMQ protocol (can we even do
> There is of course MQSeries from IBM, but I don't known if it is free
(probably not).
> How about taking engine from SendMail like programs.
> Comments? Especialy about existing protocols (interoperability with existing
protocols (which ones (links with specs)?)).
> Please comment, Matej Spiller-Muys

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