[Mono-list] aspx server

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
28 May 2002 00:26:36 -0400


> I read that there is going to be an aspx server developed for mono. Has this 
> part of the project been started (I mean the actual web-server)? I'd be 
> really intrested in contributing to that part of the project. Just last week 
> I started working on developing a JSP server and allot of my groundwork 
> could be easily converted to C# and turned into a ASP.NET server.

The web server turned out to be very simple compared to the rest of the
work.  The core of the work needs to happen in SimpleWorkerRequest and
in HttpRuntime.ProcessRequest.

Gonzalo has got the page generator mostly done (module XSP), Patrik as
done a lot of the work to get the ProcessRequest to work, but there is
stil a lot to be done. 

Gonzalo will be working on getting the pieces together: you could help
in finishing the various System.Web classes, and most importantly
writing regression tests for the various widgets we have (and make sure
we render everything correctly, etc)