[Mono-list] Diagnostic Messages

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
27 May 2002 22:58:28 -0400

> Won't this get you killed by your sysadmin if you're a "normal" user and
> producing thousands of lines of debugging messages in /var/log/debug ?
> The problem with syslog is that it can only be configured by root - as a
> normal user you can only send messages to the system log, but you have no
> control over where they go.

Exactly.  Syslog is not a tool to be used by end-users really.  It is a
tool for daemons to send messages.

That being said, it can be useful to have such a backend implemented,
for those of you writing daemons.  It would then be up to the sysadmin
to configure things for the developer.