[Mono-list] Diagnostic Messages

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
27 May 2002 22:02:21 -0400

Hello Ajay!

> We should Use the config file as in the .NET , our aim is to make mono run
> exactly similiar or better than .NET :) 

I agree with you ;-)

> For each key defined in the settings,
> we add a class to the Trace.Listeners by reflection. And every call to
> Trace.Write() calls the Write() methods on eash of the objects in Listener.
> The default should be not to do anything. The DefaultTraceListener can send
> the output to /dev/null but that would be an added overhead.
> As lupus suggested, we should allow Environment Variable based
> configurations too. This is especially needed when the application and its
> configuration settings are readonly for a user. (There doesn't seem to be
> any security risks involved)
> Further, mono should have some built-in TraceListeners. These should include
> syslog, file and console listener. Lazy developers like me might not like to
> write their own listeners ;) We can use the syslog library call for
> implementing syslog.

The default implementations could be activated just by listing them on
the config file or the environment variable.

> PS: While going through the Mono source for Trace class, I see all the
> methods delegated to an internal class. Trace is not an abstract class, so
> is there any particular reason for doing so?