[Mono-list] Diagnostic Messages

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
27 May 2002 15:46:13 -0400


> [Conditional] can't be applied to getter methods.

Oh, I am not yet processing [Conditional].   I am afraid of handling
[Conditional] and [Obsolete], as they will slow down further down the
compilation.  For mcs alone there are about 7,000 calls generated, and
each one will have to go through this process.

I guess I have no escape now.  

> The C# programming language requires that methods marked with
> [Conditional] have a return value of type `void'.  Since getters return
> non-`void' values, they can't be marked [Conditional].

Thanks, I can handle that case.  The problem is related to the Debug and
Trace classes that have both the get and set properties in the class. 
The good news is that those properties are used only for configuring the
debug/trace facilities, so it is unlikely they will be called a lot.