[Mono-list] RE: Compiliation on Linux box problem...

Daniel Morgan danmorg@sc.rr.com
Sun, 26 May 2002 18:42:10 -0400

I'm glad to hear you can build Mono now.  Can you run it?

How about your Npgsql provider?  Can it run on Mono and successfully
connect to a PostgreSQL database?

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Sent: Sunday, May 26, 2002 3:46 PM
To: Daniel Morgan
Subject: RE: Compiliation on Linux box problem...

Hi Daniel.
Good news!

> I hope you don't mind me forwarding your email to
> the mono-list.  There
> are smart people here who can get you up and running
> with Mono.

No problem, thanks. I will be setting up my
subscription to the mono-list also!

> There is a good chance that what's in cvs is not
> compatible with a
> release, such as, mono-0.11 simply because of
> progress of Mono (no pun
> intended). 

> Does the daily RPMs and DEBS that are produced for
> Mono include the
> assemblies System.Data.dll and System.Xml.dll?  What
> about other
> assemblies?

Yes, the rpm I got from mono.baselabs.org include the
System.Web, System and other assemblies. Is missing
the System.Windows.Forms.

But with it I could get farther. :)

First, the list file is separating directories with
'\' and this caused the compiler to not found files. I
changed to '/' and it started to work.
There were some missing files in the list file. I
added them. They are DataRowBuilder.cs, ParmUtil.cs,
SqlInfoMessageEventHandler.cs and

With this modifications I started to get more 'normal'
errors: CS0507: 'XPathNavigator
CreateNavigator(XmlNode).CreateNavigator: can't change
the access modifiers from

So I think that everything is working now. This is a
good thing.

I could even get Npgsql compiled now after changing
removing the following code from

public Object this[String parameterName]
          return base[IndexOf(parameterName)];

the set property didn't compiled also giving me the
error CS0131: Left hand of an assignment must be a
variable, a property or an indexer.

But I think this errors are much better that what I
was receiving.

> You can email the errors you get.
> I don't know if you checked this page
> http://www.go-mono.com/ado-net.html
> out or not, but it can be helpful.

Yeah, I checked it. It is really very helpful. 

> These commands should help you build System.Data.dll
> assembly on Linux.
> I don't know how System.Xml.dll gets built on Linux,
> but I'm sure it's
> very similar.
> cd mcs/class/System.Data
> mcs --target library -o System.Data.dll @list
> When I compile a Mono C# program that uses
> System.Data.dll, I do this:
> To compile:
> mcs program.cs -r System.Data.dll 
> To run:
> mono program.exe
> Try these tests in mcs/class/System.Data/Test
> TestSqlInsert.cs
> ProgresTest.cs
> TestSqlDataReader.cs
> TestSqlDataAdapter.cs
> Hope this helps,
> Daniel

Yes, I could now compile the tests with the RPMs.

Now, I will check later why mono.baselabs.org got a
working Mono runtime and libraries and I don't :(
I will keep trying to compile.

Thanks very much Daniel. You helped me a lot!!
At least I could get Mono working. I wasn't
remembering of the daily RPMs.

Francisco Jr.

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