[Mono-list] System.CodeDom.Compiler licensing issues (was Hmmm...)

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
25 May 2002 10:23:06 -0400

> Well, there's also System.CodeDOM.Compiler.ICodeParser, which takes
> source code and parses it into a CodeDOM tree.  (I think Visual Studio
> .NET uses this to handle its persistence-through-code-serialization.)
> The C# parser in mcs might be a good place to start to provide this
> functionality.

I noticed that .NET does not ship with any implementations of
ICodeParser, and the only class that implements the interface
(CodeParser) is an abstract class with "helper" methods, but no
implementation at all.

So people can not depend on this existing, because even in .NET they
wont be able to get anything to work with it. 

MCS might be used though to implement this beast if we choose to, and in
that case, we will probably package the compiler as a component that can
run on its own AppDomain, allowing for the GPL code to be running side
by side with proprietary code.