[Mono-list] cpblk?

Michael Giagnocavo mgg@atrevido.net
Fri, 24 May 2002 15:04:30 -0600

>> > I just implemented it using unix memcpy(). Doku for memcpy states
>> > does not work for overlapping regions, but IMO it makes no sense to
>> make
>> > that work, it only makes things slower.
>> Hmm.  What if I want to move a block up by a few bytes?

>Dick convinced me to use memmove which works with overlapping regions.
>(until someone can prove that it is a performance problem).

Great, then Mono works better than Microsoft's implementation (which
follows the spec, and has unspecified, unreliable, behaviour.

>wow - thanks for those test. Take a look at mono/mono/jit.c to see
>not implemented (mono_analyze_stack()). We need more regression tests
>for all kinds of instructions, especially value types, pinvoke
>passing, exceptions (maybe with fault handlers), delegates, remoting,

Ok, I will look around -- I am only running the pre-packaged Windows
executables (.10, I think), so test that for now...