[Mono-list] Re: System.CodeDom.Compiler licensing issues (was Hmmm...)

Dwivedi , Ajay Kumar AjayKumar.Dwivedi@dresdner-bank.com
Fri, 24 May 2002 18:38:05 +0100

> If mono does this, but I link against Microsoft's version of it, how
> does that break GPL when I run the same binary on mono?

	You (as a program writer) do not break GPL, but IMHO the user 
who runs the code on mono does break it (unless he uses the MS's dlls).

This is not all. You can write a code which loads an assembly and an
interface implementation on runtime. (just the way JDBC drivers are
loaded in java using their fully qualified class names (FQCN))

	Such a program is not a derived work at all. It is the user who
decides which driver/class to load and hence breaks the GPL. 


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