[Mono-list] The license problem

Garrett Serack gserack@experientia.org
Fri, 24 May 2002 09:17:39 -0600

Brad Wilson wrote:

>Most .NET applications are either going to ship with the MS .NET redist, or
>with none at all (on the Internet, the latter is likely). As a software
>developer, I can't control the fact that the end user wants to use my
>application on Linux w/ Mono. The end-user created the linkage (and thus
>violated the license), not me, but that's not really addressed because the
>license assumes the idea of static, strong linkage.
Well, in my particular case, I want the ESA to support Mono and MS's 
.NET. The trick is I don't want to force the end user of the final 
application to have to install the MS SDK (120MB) instead of just the 
framework (20MB). The SDK contains the C# compiler, the framework does not.

So, in order that my Embeddabe Scripting for Applications can ship with 
a C# scripting solution, I gotta ship a C# compiler along with it. (or 
tell'em where to get it ;)