[Mono-list] [OT] Windows and Linux, development practices.

Garrett Serack gserack@experientia.org
Thu, 23 May 2002 13:57:09 -0600

Tom wrote:

>One option is to choose different customers; there is plenty of work
>that does not involve Microsoft-based programming.
Ah, true... But I'm not devoted to a single platform, and I like working 
on as many different types of projects at once. As a matter of fact, 
currently I'm writing software in 4 different languages: C++, C#, 
Javascript, and VB. (Different projects, but all concurrently., and of 
course the satellite languages XML, SQL and XSLT)

That being said, I *really* have fallen in love with VS.NET. I've never 
found anything that comes close. But, On different platforms I make do.

Tom wrote:

>Otherwise, multiple machines seem like a reasonable option.  I often
>use three laptops, Linux, MacOS, and Windows (although I do all
>my actual development on Linux and MacOS; the Windows machine
>is mainly there for Quicken and MS proprietary file formats).  With
>x2vnc, you can use a single keyboard/mouse to drive all the
>screens--like a cross-platform, multi-headed display.  Laptops
>are a pretty good deal: you can get one with a 14" LCD display for
>around $1000, they consume less power, they are easy to move, 
>have standard configurations (makes Linux easier to install), and
>you even get a UPS included.
Well, like I mentioned before, I use an Inspiron 8000 laptop, completly 
loaded. It was a hell of a lot more than $1000.

Tom Also wrote:

>I often use multiple machines running different operating systems.
>Using x2vnc, they become almost like a multiheaded display: a single
>keyboard/mouse drives all of them, and I can move from machine
>to machine by moving the mouse across the sides of the displays.  That
>means that I can use the machine I'm not currently developing on
>for things like browsing documentation
Yeah, I've played with this as well, but VNC just doesn't cut it for the 
work I do.  I really don't like running multiple computers, as I'm 
constantly changing locations etc... My laptop supports multi-headed 
displays all on its own on XP, a feature which would be critical under 
Linux (Where ATI's drivers don't exactly shine )

I guess given the wide range of stuff I like to do, XP is still where 
I'll have to be, and using VMWare to bring Linux and BSD into the mix.

My ideal solution would be a Linux world, where it would run more of my 
native Windows Code. *sigh*