[Mono-list] System.CodeDom.Compiler licensing issues (was Hmmm...)

James Michael DuPont mdupont777@yahoo.com
Thu, 23 May 2002 06:32:49 -0700 (PDT)

> enigne (JIT) is also GPL, but uses the class lib.
That is the idea.

> Maybe it's not allowed the other way around - I
> don't know.
No it is not, see the GPL FAQ, also the perl

>A consequence is that if you choose to use GPL'd Perl
>modules or Java classes in your program, you must
>release the program in a GPL-compatible way,
>regardless of the license used in the Perl or Java
>interpreter that the combined Perl or Java program
>will run on. 

> It's all a bit difficult, what license is allowed to
> work together and what
> not.
I really is very difficult.

> My suggestion would be to ask the FSF lawyer.
That will be an issue for the MONO team to persue, and
If they want me to, I will put in a formal question.

I bet you they would say that the System.CodeDOM.*
should all be only available under the GPL.

The FSF might say that you should not support
the CodeDOM at all. This is the exact same type of
problem that I have with then introspector project.

James Michael DuPont

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