[Mono-list] System.CodeDom.Compiler licensing issues (was Hmmm...)

James Michael DuPont mdupont777@yahoo.com
Thu, 23 May 2002 06:10:37 -0700 (PDT)

> Ok, you may be right, but the big question is WHO
> has the right to say "HEY,
> the mono class lib has problems with it's own
> compiler."
Everyone has the right to say what is true and needs
to be pointed out. 

The protectors of the GPL, the FSF also make
statements about the usage rights of programs under
the GPL, even if the are not the copyright holders of
each project.

As far as I can read from the press release, the FSF
is sponsoring the MONO project.

Ximian is leading the project the statement says,
so I would guess that Ximian will have to address the
issue raised, but I would say that anyone can raise a
valid point.

As I pointed out in my original post, I am only
speaking my mind on an area that I have thought alot
> _Only_ Ximian, or not? (I'm not sure there, but I
> hope I'm right)
> Theay have copyrights and things like that.

Anyone can modify and use according to the GPL and
LGPL, that is the nature of the License.

I am not a lawyer, but if you have a gaping hole in
your licensing scheme, and try an limit people from
saying "HEY, the mono class lib has problems with it's
own compiler." then you are putting your priorities
all wrong. 

You should thinking about stopping your well funded
and ruthless competition from taking what was created
as a free software for the public good and turning it
into a private money maker for the elite few.

That is very well what can happen to you work if you
just ignore the issue.

In my personal and humble opinion, It is the duty of
an author of GPLed software to protect his/her
software from abuse by third parties and to reduce the
ability of non-free software to be able to find tricks
on how to go around the GPL. 

That is why I have taken the introspector-GCC off the
public distribution, to prevent it from falling into
the wrong hands.

Maybe the FSF can address the licensing issues in a
newer version of the GPL.

Best regards,

James Michael DuPont

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