[Mono-list] newbie: unable to run mcs compiled file in windows

Preetham preetham@gamebox.net
Thu, 23 May 2002 17:57:42 +0530


    Today I downloaded the mono-0.11_baselabs-20020522.i386.rpm and
installed it. To test the setup i wrote a very small c# program.

I could successfully  compile it with mcs and execute it with mono. Then i
copied the binary to machine having Win 2000+Visual Studio 7.0 Beta 2.
Executing the binary on this windows machine (by double clicking in
explorer) says that the binary file (.exe) "is not a valid Win32
application". Is there anything i have to do to get this binary working ?

Then i tried compiling the program in Windows and executing it in Linux. It
works properly.

Is there a archive of this mailing list ?