[Mono-list] Hmmm.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
22 May 2002 22:47:45 -0400


> What's the feasability at this point in time of making an In-memory 
> compiler out of Mono's C# compiler.  I'm just kinda puttering around 
> with the .NET scripting stuff for MS's .NET, but the only language that 
> is supported with just the .NET runtime is JScript. (Not that I mind 
> terribly.) In order to even support C# compiling, the user must have the 
> Full Framework.

It is trivial.  Just change a flag when you create the AssemblyBuilder,
instead of `Save', use the `Run' flag (or `RunAndSave').

> So, I started thinking that Mono has a c# compiler, and I wonder if you 
> think it would take me much work to adapt that for use in a scripting 
> solution.

It is an interesting project, but not a straight forward one.

> This would go nicely with an open-source(BSD License) VSA replacement 
> I'm currently working on, and I'd like to support more languages, 
> without the need for the end application to rely on the full Framework.

The Mono C# compiler is under the terms of the GNU GPL, just be aware of