[Mono-list] [OT] Windows and Linux, development practices.

James Ots me@jamesots.com
22 May 2002 19:38:35 +0100

This question was very interesting to me, as I currently dual boot
between Linux and Windows 2000 on my desktop machine, spending most of
my time in Linux. I have had very little success running anything in
WINE or Vmware.

At work I have tried the latest demo of vmware on an XP machine and it
runs fine - I would have no problems using it for anything.

I'm about to get an Inspiron 8200 (work have ordered it for me as a
leaving present), on which I am planning to run only Linux. I'll be
using SuSE 8.0 on a brand new machine, so I may get vmware to work and
run Win2k in it, but vmware is very expensive. It would make a very nice
environment to work in though - lots of linux and a bit of windows,
appropriately in a window. It would make mono development far easier, as
at the moment it's pretty difficult to work in just Linux, as the
documentation isn't there. The web documentation is too slow. If I could
run the .NET documentation in vmware that would be lovely. And I could
run SharpDevelop in there as well.

I wouldn't bet on being able to run any .NET is Wine, but I think vmware
would be a practical solution, if expensive.

I'm sorry, that's not really much help - I've just waffled about random
stuff. Oh well.

James Ots