[Mono-list] ADO.Net

Scott Wisniewski scottdw2@uwm.edu
20 May 2002 22:50:27 -0500

I am having trouble gettinc mcs to build on a redhat linux 7.0 platform.
Mono configures, builds and installs fine (after I upgraded glib).
However, mcs only has a make file and it fails with the NAnt build
because "csc" cannot be found.
What is csc are where can I get it from?
Is there any thing else that mcs depends on (seing as there is no
configure script to tell me)?
I appreciate any help.


Scott Wisniewski

On Mon, 2002-05-20 at 17:31, Daniel Morgan wrote:
> Hey Scott,
> We would be glad to have your help working on DataSet, et all.
> In cvs, SqlDataAdapter can Fill() a DataRow within a DataTable within a
> DataSet.  Currently, you can only read data from it though, but it's a
> start.  There is still LOTS to be done to DataSet, DataTable,
> DataRelation, etc...
> 1. and 2. Tim Coleman and Rodrigo Moya have been working heavily in the
> DataSet area. Another area that has not been touched at all - the
> XmlDataDocument - it is just a stub right now.  There is currently no
> XML support System.Data right now.  
> If you want to know where we are with the ADO.NET functionality in Mono,
> see the page http://www.go-mono.com/ado-net.html
> 3. There are coding styles for Mono.  Take a look at mcs/class/README.
> The first step in helping out is to get mono and mcs from cvs.  There is
> an anoncvs server setup to do this.  For mono, it is easier to use the
> build scripts to build mono, but the build scripts do not retrieve nor
> build mcs nor the class libraries.  You will have to checkout mcs from
> cvs and build after mono has been built.
> 4. Any Mono cvs committer would do.  You can email Rodrigo Moya
> rodrigo@ximian.com, Tim Coleman tim@timcoleman.com, Miguel de Icaza
> miguel@ximian.com, or me.
> 5. This is the best forum for these questions.
> Hope this helps,
> Daniel
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> I am interested in working on some of the framework classes for the mono
> project, particularly the DataRelation, DataSet, and DataTable portions
> of ado.net. I was wondering several things:
> 1) Is Any one else working on this?
> 2) Has any of this been done?
> 3) Are there are any particular coding or design standards that the
> project is using?
> 4) If I were to write them, where would I send the code too?
> 5) Is this group the appropriate forum for opening up discussion on the
> best (or not so best) ways to approach an implementation of these
> classes?
> -Scott Wisniewski
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