[Mono-list] RunTests.*.exe

Lawrence Pit loz@cable.a2000.nl
Sat, 18 May 2002 11:27:39 +0300

Hi Nick,

Furthmore, instead of having one "test" target in each test .build file I
suggest we have two: "test" which tests against the mono implementation and
"test-ref" which tests against the ms.net implementation. Makes comparing
for compatibility a lot easier.

If you need help defining or testing the targets for running against the
ms.net implementation let me know.


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> All,
> Now that Nunit is running Linux, I was wondering if we could remove the
> files and build parts that make up the RunTests*.exe (Thanks again
> Martin!).
> They were great when we couldn't Nunit on Linux, and in fact some people
> might still be using them because it's hard to remember how to run the
> tests using Nunit :)
> But they are getting in the way a bit now.  They can cause build
> problems because you have to be careful of what mix of *.cs files to
> include in the different exe/dll's. You have to update the same info in
> two places, etc.  It's just unnecessary now.
> Unless anyone has strong objections, I'll remove them over the next week
> or so.
> Thanks,
> Nick D.
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