[Mono-list] Another language for .NET, Forth.NET

Duncan Mak duncan@ximian.com
14 May 2002 14:32:29 -0400

Hey guys,

Here's another language to add to our language page, Forth.NET


Here's the blurb from that page.

Delta Forth is a non-standard Forth dialect. It has several limitations
over traditional standards; however it may be an excellent starting
point for beginners. The traditional compreter (compiler  interpreter)
approach of other implementations did not appeal when the Delta dialect
was designed since computers evolved enormously since the original Forth
specification was written. Instead, we deal with compiled programs and
thus several original Forth words  mainly related to chained execution
- have lost their meaning (see STATE, COMPILE, IMMEDIATE, etc.).

It has been stated that a complete traditional Forth environment can be
coded by a single person in a three month time. I managed to release the
beta 1 version of Delta in half that time. Despite the short time it
took to be developed, this tool has a long history, being a continuation
of the award-winning Delta Forth for Java project that I started back in
1997. At that time, it was the first Forth compiler for Java and was a
real surprise when I presented it as my graduation project two years
later. The .NET compiler is used to write a part of the software for my
Ph.D. thesis.

This software is free of charge. However, I spent hundreds of hours
designing and developing it, so if you like it please make a donation to
a charity of your choice then drop me a note.