[Mono-list] pnetmark: bug in mono?

Rhys Weatherley rweather@zip.com.au
Tue, 14 May 2002 10:53:42 +1000

> Well, I checked my copy of license.txt which was installed in
> \programme\Microsoft.NET\FrameworkSDK and there's no such paragraph.
> Actually, the word "benchmark" isn't mentioned at all in the file.  Section
> 6 is about upgrades.

If I recall correctly, it was in the click-wrap license
that you get when you first install the SDK.  You know,
the license that is impossible to find once you've
agreed to it. :-)

I first extracted that text from Beta 1, which had it
in section 6.  I just re-checked Beta 2, and it appears
to be in section 5.  Who knows where they put it in more
recent versions.  I will update the PNetMark documentation
to be less precise about the location.