[Mono-list] Rectangular Arrays

Shai Bentov shai@netscape.com
13 May 2002 15:50:20 -0700

Just started looking at c# yesterday.. I guess using Mono I can learn
and find bugs at the same time ;-). 

A few examples where given to show the difference between "jagged" and
rectangular arrays. It seems that the rectangular one does work with

class MyClass
    static void Main() {
	int[,] a = new int[3,2];

[shai@shai2 mono]$ mcs test.cs
requested token for MonoArrayMethod
[shai@shai2 mono]$ mono test.exe 
got wrong token: 0x00000000

** ERROR **: file loader.c: line 362 (mono_get_method): assertion
failed: (table == MONO_TABLE_MEMBERREF)
Trace/breakpoint trap

I tried other combinations but none work.. is this a known issue?