[Mono-list] Uninitialized variable not found by mcs

Detlev Offenbach detlev@die-offenbachs.de
Fri, 10 May 2002 12:31:58 +0200

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I am starting to learn C# using mono. The attached example taken from 
"Programming C#" does not produce a compiler errormessage saying that the 
variable myInt is used uninitialized. It compiles cleanly instead (used 
mcs v0.11). Furthermore the uninitialized variable was not implicitly 
initialized to 0 (as good C and C++ compilers do). I don't know, if this 
is in error as well. The output from the run was

Uninitialized, myInt: -1073746096
After assignment, myInt: 5
Detlev Offenbach

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class Values {

    static void Main() {
        int myInt;
        System.Console.WriteLine("Uninitialized, myInt: {0}", myInt);
        myInt = 5;
        System.Console.WriteLine("After assignment, myInt: {0}", myInt);