[Mono-list] spec inconsistencies?

Dan Lewis dlewis@gmx.co.uk
08 May 2002 00:52:52 +0100

Hi Mike

The Microsoft implementation is generally a better reference than their
documentation for our purposes. If it has quirks, then within reason, we
should implement them.

In terms of the System.IO file and directory classes, I did a very
rushed job moving their implementation from the old monowrapper/PAL
platform to the MonoIO internal call set-up you see in the CVS. One
thing I'm sure is lacking is adequate detection and reporting of
exceptional conditions.

I'd be really happy if someone fleshed out the validations in these
methods (looking at the specs, the rules can be reasonably complex).


On Tue, 2002-05-07 at 23:39, Mike Gray wrote:
> What are you doing for inconsistencies related to the ECMA/MS docs?  For 
> example, look at the System.IO.File class.  Many of the methods (AppendText, 
> Copy, Create, CreateText, Delete, etc) throw 
> System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException's when the filename parameter contains 
> a directory that does not exist (of course if the directory exists and the 
> filename within it doesn't you will get System.IO.FileNotFoundException).  
> For some reason though, G/SetCreationTime, G/SetLastAccessTime, and 
> G/SetLastWriteTime would throw a System.IO.IOException instead.  For 
> consistency, it would seem to make sense to throw the 
> DirectoryNotFoundException for those methods as well when the filename 
> parameter contains a directory that does not exist, no?
> Mike Gray
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