[Mono-list] Would mono support this kind of application?

Stefan Matthias Aust sma@3plus4.de
Tue, 7 May 2002 10:45:38 +0200

> I am having the same proble, I try to run ASP.NET on my XP Home without
> installing IIS. Can you tell me where can I find that Intel stuff?
> or what is its name?

To get to the core of the problem, I tried to run this application ->
http://www.dotnet101.com/articles/art024_ASPCommLine.asp on my system.  It
throws the same - somehow ASP related - error.  I already asked in a C# news
group for help.

If I don't get another explanation, I'd guess it is the missing IIS which
causes the trouble.  Either the .NET Runtime doesn't install everything if
it can't detect an IIS or some component is required, even for stand alone

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