[Mono-list] a Mac architecture port

Radek Doulík rodo@ximian.com
06 May 2002 17:11:26 -0400

On Pá, 2002-05-03 at 13:34, Radek Doulík wrote:
> >  I'm planning on purchasing an iBook this summer and I'd like to be able
> > to hack up some c#. While i have an x86 machine, I'll be subjected to
> > much travel and was wondering if someone could either "hook me up" with
> > a project currently building mcs for ppc or give me some reference
> > material to plan a port for ppc [I've had *some* experience with risc,
> > and that was sparc so I guess I would need some technical documents,
> > etc].
> OK, I will prepare small page with links to technical documentation
> about ppc. I hope to have it this evening.

OK, I have put some links on

I will add more once I get my printed documentation. (I left it at home)