[Mono-list] People distributing Mono for Windows.

Pavel Cholakov pavel@linux.zonebg.com
06 May 2002 21:32:52 +0200


On Ον, 2002-05-06 at 17:17, Brian Chapman wrote:
> As a new-to-mono developer, I have a couple comments on Pavel's statement about
> what could be done to increase the adoption of mono among new developers:
> 1.  There is some documentation that would probably make things easier.  (the
> binary packages made a huge difference!)  I personally, and thanks to Miguel I
> was able to get everything working, would like to see a document describing the
> difference running mono and mcs on linux and windows.  Ex, what is the mcs.bat
> file included with the windows binary distribution versus the monomcs.exe. 
> Which one uses mono and which one is the native .net exe?
> Maybe it should point out some of the different scenarios that might be
> possible ( csc compiled exe's running in the mono runtime, mcs compiler
> referencing .net dlls, etc )  Also, if there are any tools available (like
> Ildasm.exe, etc) for mono, or if they can be used for mcs compiled apps.  

I agree. A nice summary of what *can* be done on Windows and Linux would
be very helpful.

> Basically an explanation of what you guys have and how to use it.  I'd be happy
> to help someone who knew what they were doing put it together.  
> 2.  I really like the idea of the project of the week...you could put together
> projects that utilize new classes as they are put together...

I volunteer to set up such a web page. I invite everyone's input (I
looked through the items on Bugzilla, but most are too complex for this,
to my understanding) on several such small, self-contained projects.

Also, what do you think about a weekly mono newsletter? This can be used
to gain publicity and also to promote these micro-projects :-) I will be
able to do this as well.


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