[Mono-list] mcs/rts bugs (was: Would mono support this kind of application?)

Stefan Matthias Aust sma@3plus4.de
Mon, 6 May 2002 11:25:22 +0200


From: "Brad Wilson" <dotnetguy@pobox.com>

> XP Home does not ship with the web server. XP Professional does, but it's
> not installed by default (it's good enough for hosting ASP.net). There are
> couple "simple" web servers that can host ASP.net without needing IIS:
> http://radio.weblogs.com/0101156/software/NetServ.zip
> http://www.gotdotnet.com/userfiles/aimtiaz/MyWebServer.zip

Thanks for the pointers.  I tried to run the first one. Unfortunately,
neither the precompiled exe runs nor I am able to recompile the code with
mono.  The precompiled exe will serve the static start page but fail with a
NullReferenceException processing the aspx.  I haven't investigated further.

The mono team however might be interested in the compiler errors

The project consists of two sub projects you have to compile separately.
The "NetProxy" subproject requires to add System.Web.  However, this seems
to require adding also System.Drawing but it cannot find it:

 $ mcs.bat -r System.Web -r System.Drawing *.cs

 (process:2908): ** WARNING **: Could not find assembly System.Drawing

Interestingly, a message box with the title "Fehler" (error in German) opens
which says

 (process:772):**ERROR**: file object.c: line 127 (mono_class_vtable):
assertion failed: (class) aborting...

Even more interestingly, the message box does not always occur.  If I rerun
the compiler, it's about every third or forth time - a GC problem?

Well... So I tried to recompile at least the other subproject.  A few
minutes ago, it gave me a NullReferenceException in the compiler, but now, I
only get the "Fehler"-Message box - do I have to reboot my system because of
a faulty DLL?

This project should be a good test case for mcs and the mono library.

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