[Mono-list] sharpdevelop performance

Eagle eagle@uoxdev.com
Wed, 1 May 2002 08:32:06 -0500

> > out of curiosity, has anyone else seen really bad performance in certain
> > spots like menus in sharpdevelop on windows XP?  mine slows dramatically
> > whenever i mouseover a menu and flashes a bit also, but my XP
> > installation is on top of vmware, so i can't tell if its sharpdevelop or
> > the vmware that's causing the performance problem.  I haven't noticed
> > problems like that anywhere else in xp, but i don't know that i have any
> > other real .Net apps installed either.  if anyone has any tips for me
> > they are much appreciated.
> Which menu style do you use.  I use sharpdevelop on a "real" XP and I
> notice any slowdown or flashing when using the "flat" style.  I think, the
> SD menus are selfmade (for whatever reason), so perhaps there drawing
> as optimized as the drawing of real Windows menus and this is visible in
> vmware.
> The 3D style menus feel less snappy, sometimes the selecition bar doesn't
> follow the mouse. They also look neither like XP nor VS.NET so I don't use
> this style.
Well this is only the second true .net app i use on my computer ( 1ghz amd
512 mb ram and win xp pro ) and i also see no problems with the menus or
flashing and also i use the flat style, then ONLY thing i have noticed about
this and the other .net app i use are that they have very slow startup times
(  20+ seconds ) and i think this has to do with .net itself but not sure.
So i would GUESS that atleaste part of the preformance hit is from vmware
but dunno.

Brandon Holtsclaw