[Mono-list] Donation of PriorityQueue class

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
31 Mar 2002 02:13:08 -0500

> > What is the Mono plan as it relates to the inclusion of classes that are
> > *not* in the .NET framework?

In general, I think that there is a need for a separate project to put
together interesting classes that are not part of .NET and that can be
used by everyone.

There is a conflict of timing and releases that is better solved by
keeping these separate.  For instance, if you put your classes under the
Mono "management", then the code needs to wait for Mono releases and
requires the Mono depedencies.

I think that having a set of extra libraries that work with Mono is
worth pursuing, and if you want to maintain then on the Mono CVS, that
is fine, but it should most likely not be part of the mono class