[Mono-list] bug in mcs and more.

Erik Bågfors erik@bagfors.nu
30 Mar 2002 19:41:35 +0100

On Sat, 2002-03-30 at 20:06, Ravi Pratap wrote:
> > I know it's to early in the mono-project to expect everything to work
> > but if I can find this error perhaps I can help the project as well as
> 	Oh yes, and we appreciate such input very much :-)

Glad I can help!
> > having fun myself :)  How do I go about to find more information about
> > this error??
> 	Well, this last one seems tricky. Were you trying to do this in Linux
> or Windows. Perhaps one way to isolate the error is trying the same
> thing in windows - that way we know if it's a bug in mcs or mono.

I was running linux and don't really care for running windows so I
prefer not to try that.  Any other ideas??  I'm not afraid to hacking
into the source-code alittle to try to find where it dies..

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