[Mono-list] mono setup for windows

Guenther Roith groith@tcrz.net
Sat, 30 Mar 2002 09:48:33 +0100

I've done (mainly for some of my friends who want to try out mono) a windows
setup package for mono.
It has some errors, but these will be killed in the near future.

You could call it "dirty" as it uses no folders like bin, lib and has
everything in one folder, but most windows
applications mix these things and its much easier to handle. I can change
that in the future.

The page is: http://www.superin.formativ.net/mono/mono.htm

IMPORTANT: If you are using already mono/cygwin (the source code releases)
you have to delete mint.bat in
the windows/system32 dir (and c:\mono-0.10\install\lib) to remove it again.
Otherwise it may deactivate your mono.

PS: If you find english errors on the page you can send them to me.My
english is pretty bad :-)