[Mono-list] RESULT: 0 from mono, not from mint.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
29 Mar 2002 01:09:51 -0500

Hello Peter!

> I've written two little scripts and a small c program to wrap around the whole
> binary execution thing.

These are awesome!  Would you mind licensing those scripts under the
GPL, LGPL or X11 licenses and allow us to distribute those as part of

> The default locations for the scripts right now is /usr/bin/local. I hope this
> is ok. After placing them in there and running binfmt_misc_mono you should be
> able to try the following for yourself:

Ideally if we integrate this into the build, we will have configure
automatically generate the correct paths that will be embedded.

> peter@storm:~$ ./hello_world
> Hello World!
> peter@storm:~$ ./iexplore.exe
> File "./iexplore.exe" is NOT a Mono Binary.
> peter@storm:~$

Very nice!  We need to check if someone can make the changes to run that
with wine/crossover-office.

We should also update the documentation after we ship these.  But this
is a nice usability feature.  A few weeks ago Don Box was making fun of
me because you had to run binaries with `mono app.exe' ;-)