[Mono-list] Building GTK# on Linux without any Windows support: possible?

Christopher Nehren apeiron@prophecy.dyndns.org
28 Mar 2002 09:08:20 -0500

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I was just wondering if this were possible, because I don't have access
to a Windows machine capable of running the SDK (lo, I have a Win98 box,
powerful too, but its OS is not under my jurisdiction :'( ). After all,
the whole reason why I use free software is because I'm too poor to keep
up with MS ;-> .
If it's not possible, are there any deb's or rpm's or tgz's or pkg's or
slp's or lsb's for GTK#? I'm really quite interested in GTK#, and will
do anything needed to start helping out (even installing alien and using
*gulp* RPM on my Debian system)

TIA and best regards,

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