[Mono-list] System.Windows.Forms

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
28 Mar 2002 02:22:30 -0500

> Is someone planning on implementing System.Windows.Forms?  I see GTK#, but 
> that is a C# wrapper/binding for GTK+, not a System.Windows.Forms 
> implementation.  Miguel or someone at Ximian - is this something you might 
> be planning or is someone else doing it?  I might like to get involved 
> with it, but...

That is our ultimate goal, to provide a System.Windows.Forms
implementation for people to easily migrate to Unix.  

But there are problems, System.Windows.Forms uses GDI+, so to get a
perfect emulation we are going to have to do some clever hacks.

I heard that Microsoft is looking into building a new generation GUI
toolkit, since Windows.Forms is known to have a number of problems.  One
of the areas that I bet they will be keeping is the Drawing2D API, and
they would just revamp their higher level widgetry.

Anyways, just doing the Graphics classes will be tricky, because they
can mix the postcript-like operations with the regular ones (that is at
least what it looks like from the Petzold book, and I have not done a
lot of experimentation yet with S.W.F).

If you are interested in looking at the problem, I suggest doing some
experiments with mixed rendering before we can start implementing.